12 Empowering Children’s Books to Add to Little Girl’s Bookshelves

We’ve just seen this great article on an American blog.

“The books we read as children can have a huge impact on the weird humans we eventually become. Our beliefs, aspirations, and morals can all be attributed to the colorful pages we excitedly soaked in during our youth. So, whether you’re buying a book for a friend’s child, your own child, or for yourself (because why not? We would), make it a piece of literature that sustains and empowers women. Because, well, those little messages go a long way.”

If you want to find out which 12 then click here.


Missing my Dad

And more feedback from one of the refuge children’s workers about how helpful the Family Change set of books has been.

The family change set up pack is very beneficial to the children’s workers and children; these are used regularly on a planned 1:1 basis and implemented into our support plans for the children and young people. There is a wide range of books around feelings and emotions and the children will often use these books alongside their worksheets to hear about other children’s stories. This gives the children and young people a wider understanding of what has happened to them and why they may feel the different feelings and emotions they have.

For many children and young people missing their dad is a common factor within the refuge, the book “Talking about domestic abuse with mum” is very helpful as there are worksheets to complete with mum and the children’s worker and these discuss in detail why the family has changed, their relationship with both parents and how all families have different dynamics. Using this book I have noticed recent changes in one of the children’s behaviour’s, Adam aged 9 struggles to talk with his mum about missing dad. During a 1:1 session with children’s worker Adam completed the worksheets around family changes and being able to speak openly and recognise that not all families live together as a family unit helped him to understand more.

Adam now talks positively about both parents, and understands why they do not live together.

My favourite book….

We have had some great feedback.  I’ll let them tell you…….

Since using the bookshelf scheme within our refuge the children and young people have had the opportunity to choose from a wide range of books suitable for all ages 0-17 years. In particular the children aged between 5-10 years old have loved the book shelf, on many occasions children will bring their mum into the lounge to choose a story book and take it to their rooms and share the experience together at bedtime. The children return the books to the book shelf to ensure all children have the opportunity to look at the wide variety. Once leaving the refuge the children choose their favourite book and take this with them as a keepsake for their new home. The children become very excited when children’s workers explain this to them on arrival and look forward to taking a book when moving on from refuge.

Jenny – Aged 6: recently moved out of refuge and loved horses, throughout her time here she consistently read the same book about horses and would check daily to ensure the book was still on the shelf. On their departure Jenny said this “is my favourite book ever and left very pleased”.

Kifubon Project reading model!

We recently had a urgent request for feedback from the Kifubon project – including photos! – for an event they were running.  The Kifubon project have donated quite a lot of copies of both Splitting the Arrow and The Pot with the Hole which are both beautiful books. As we obviously can’t get a real refuge child to pose one of my neighbour’s daughters did the honours. Lily is reading The Pot with the Hole.  She did a good job didn’t she? 🙂

Made a Difference Chamber of Commerce Award

I had a lovely surprise a couple a weeks ago when I found out I had been put forward for the Chamber of Commerce Made a Difference award.  Sadly I couldn’t go to the awards dinner but was truely delighted to find out after the weekend that I had won.  I had originally thought that the award was for Book at Bedtime but on receiving the award last week I was told that it was a personal award for me – cue huge blush!!