Good News February!


There are a lot of people to thank this month as we have been very, very lucky.

We have been looking for a courier to reduce our costs for several years now and this month we were put in touch with an organisation that has reduced our courier fees by a quarter – thank you InXpress.

We have had two excellent collections in from the wonderful Amy and the equally stellar Jackie – their collections are always huge and in fantastic condition.  We hardly need to go through their books at all!

More money came in from the Nelmes family (in lieu of a Christmas present) that means we now have enough to support an entire refuge.

We have a meeting soon as our new website is nearing completion – we are extremely grateful to Tree Frog Digital for creating this for us.

You may have noticed the fabulous new logo which has been completed by MakoCreative.  We also have new bookmarks courtesy of MakoCreative.  They designed them and then put us in contact with a printer who has given us a fabulous price – they arrived yesterday and are so much better in quality that the previous ones.  We also get colour on the reverse for the first time.

We also had a lovely cheque arrive this month from St George’s Primary School in Wallasey for £143.

And finally we have been contacted this week by 2 more people offering help.  One with our website posts and one as a new trustee who has charity experience – so watch this space!  How exciting……

Happy reading!

Meet Wilma and Wilbur – Worry Monsters!

Some lovely feedback from the Skelmersdale refuge:  “I have a child who worries all the time about getting things right and not fitting in at school. I have used the books in order to work on his confidence and self esteem. We have introduced a worry monster alongside The Huge Bag of Worries story. We talk about how he feels and then write the worries down on paper and let the monster (Wilbur) eat them away. He loves the story and he loves writing down his worries for Wilbur to eat.”

I think we may have to add a set of these lovely monsters to our Family Change set of books – aren’t they fabulous?!

A lovely thank you from the children’s worker

We have just received this lovely email from the children’s worker.  They have had the bookcase and Family Change set since February of last year.

Heartfelt book

A thank you with love

“Just wanted to drop you a line and update you on how the books are going.

We have had many children come and go since you kindly donated all the books and bookcase to The Liberty Centre.

The children have thoroughly enjoyed borrowing the books and returning them to borrow another.

We have had hours of fun reading together and the mums have enjoyed taking books and reading them to their children.

We are taking very good care of them so they are lasting well.

Thank you for caring and bringing so much happiness.”

What a lovely phone call to have!

This isn’t why we do what we do but it is great when we get an email like this:

“What a lovely phone call to have on a dreary Thursday afternoon when you offered us a bookcase of books for our refuge. Having just had a look through your website and the wonderful comments from grateful staff and service users, I am sure that the mothers and children we work with would benefit greatly from the Family Change set of books. Our staff would also benefit from the insight the workbooks may offer in communicating with children that are often withdrawn and confused. Thank you from all of us here for the wonderful work you do.”

100th Bookcase!

Drum roll please! Very VERY, exciting news. This is our lovely UPS man who has collected all our parcels for several years now. He always is cheerful but that is not what is exciting…..the boxes he is collecting are for our 100th bookcase which is heading off to Hartlepool! Thank you all so much for all your donations that have made this possible. And now we start packing number 101!! ❤️