Providing books for children who have experienced domestic abuse

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Meet our new additions to the Family Change set – Wilma and Wilbur – who will work alongside the children’s workers when they use The Huge Bag of Worries book.

Our bookcase news to date……

119 bookcases delivered – this one has just been delivered to Hartlepool and as you can see is already being enjoyed by the children there as there are gaps on the shelves!

Family Change books

Some of the books from the Family Change set including It’s Not Fair

69 family change sets of books delivered

(we are always behind on these as they cost so much more to provide)

and 119 sets of bookmarks helping children mark their place as their story continues………

And the cost per refuge?   Bookcase £30.00 + Books on the bookcase – free as they are donated + 25 Bookmarks £5.00 + Family Change set £200 + courier fees for the books £45 = £280.00

What the refuges are saying……

“Thank you so much for bringing new experiences to the families we support and opening up new worlds.”

“Thank you so much for the donation of the lovely books.  The children have so much fun using the library and borrowing the books.”

“We have had lots of mums and children asking if they could really, really keep them!  We have also had mums who regularly bring back books and take new ones home to make sure their children are constantly being encouraged to read new things.”  (a refuge with a drop in centre)

“The bookcase is in the hall and the children are having great fun picking up their book as they come in.  The women are now asking for a bookcase of their own and so we are organising one that will sit alongside with donated fiction for the women.  Thank you so much for this.”

“You can never have enough books in my mind and the children and young people have fun reading and looking at the pictures in the books and to have some Welsh ones as well is great for the Welsh speaking families in the refuge.  If I am reading a story to the children I can always translate if they pick a Welsh book and they are very excited to have new books to choose from.  Thank you very much for this very much needed service.”

“The children have shown a huge interest in the themes (Family Change books) and not only that, mums are joining in our reading sessions.  Thank you once again, these books are proving to be a very helpful aid to providing support and guidance to children that have suffered as victims of domestic violence.”

“As a charity we would not have had sufficient funds to be able to purchase these items so your kind donation has been very much appreciated by staff and of course the women and children.”